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New Safety Council creates trio of forms aimed at increasing REALTOR® safety 

The Washington Real Estate Safety Council has completed a trio of forms for use by REALTORS® across the state.  Created for agents by agents, and in consultation with law enforcement officials, these forms are intended to help REALTORS® protect themselves and colleagues by following a series of safety-minded office procedures. The forms are one piece of the council’s comprehensive safety awareness program, which has been noted by the National Association of REALTORS® and is under consideration for nation-wide expansion.


Safety Logo“The nature of our work can put us in vacant buildings with potential clients who are strangers to us,” said W.A.R. President Elect and Safety Council member Pili Meyer. “The majority of these people are likely to be upstanding citizens, truly interested in the property we are showing.  But, we have to remember that predators look for easy targets—and using the recommendations of the council removes us from that category.”


Meyer herself was a near-victim. “I had people arrested out of my car,” she said.  “They were wanted for felony auto-theft in three states. Some people have expressed concern over photo-copying clients’ driver’s licenses, but if they are serious about buying a home, they won’t mind…it is one more tool in qualifying a buyer.  If they are reluctant to share their license, you should be reluctant to get into a car with them.”


The Washington Association of REALTORS® mailed the new safety forms to all brokers (including non-REALTOR® broker offices) throughout the state in mid-May. Addresses for these approximately 3,600 brokers were supplied by the Department of Licensing, which supports the safety effort.


The forms also are available online at the Washington Real Estate Safety Council Website  Office logos can be added to the forms, and REALTORS® are encouraged to make copies of the forms for use by all members in an office.


The forms include:

  • Personal Identification Form: Quick and easy to fill out before going to view a property, this form includes client name, address, employer and automobile information.  “This simple form may be the best preventative safety measure you and your office can take,” said Meyer.
  • Agent Identification Form: Kept in easy access at the office—and updated yearly—these forms are for use by the police if an agent has an accident or does not check in when scheduled.
  • Agent Itinerary Form:  This form—often coupled with a printed and attached “show list”—lets the office know where an agent is a given time, which can also be helpful if a family emergency requires tracking an agent.


Additional Safety Council projects underway include:

  • Classes: A three-clock-hour safety course will be available through major brokerage firms and the Washington Association of REALTORS®.
  • Safety Manual and Teaching Aids: Intended as guides for offices to conduct in-house safety training, these materials will be available as a free download from the website and will include a PowerPoint presentation and printed pieces.
  • Posters: Twelve posters highlighting a dozen safety tips will be available later this year; sponsors to help with printing and distribution costs are being sought.
  • Safety Video: A thirty-minute video is being considered and funding sources are being investigated.
  • Web Site:  Additional content is being added to


The Washington Real Estate Safety Council is a non-profit group of real estate industry leaders dedicated to improving safety in the workplace. Council leadership is composed of members of the state’s largest brokerages, the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, the Washington Association of REALTORS®, the King County Sheriff Department and the State Department of Licensing. The group is dedicated to the memory of REALTOR® Michael A. Emert, who was murdered in the house he was showing in Woodinville on Jan. 4, 2001.


Posted 5/23/01 and 5/30/01. Archived 8/2/01.





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