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Increased Resources Support Quality of Life Program
From direct education of the public to presentations and materials intended for varied target audiences, W.A.R. continues to add new methods for REALTORS® to support the Quality of Life program.

A variety of additional outreach tools are now ready for use:

Quality of LifePlanning Program for Local Communities: With the collaboration of one of the Northwest's premier private planning companies, David Evans and Associates, W.A.R. is creating a model planning presentation program that members can use to take the Quality of Life message to their local communities. The presentation program and its tools, created for educational purposes, enable Quality of Life advocates to help communities understand the growth issues and pressures faced by REALTORS®. The program provides information about why REALTORS® care about communities, and how REALTORS® and community members can work together to plan for growth, infrastructure needs and other accommodations, and how critical areas and shoreline master plans affect the ability to accommodate growth and improve quality of life. This model program will be previewed at the Spring Business Conference, and includes issue papers, questionnaires to assess local communities, talking points and training for local advocates. N.A.R. Smart Growth specialist Joe Molinaro will also be at the Spring Conference to talk about trends and regulations in growth at the Government Affairs Forum.

Newspaper Ad: Printed in the Monday, March 12, Olympian, this ad appeals to senators to vote "yes" for Senate Bill 6070, the economic vitality bill, and brings the issue to the public's attention with an explanation of the bill's content and purpose. The ad urges State Senators to "make a difference in building better communities by supporting housing opportunities and encouraging economic vitality." The ad also thanks by name the senators and organizations supporting the bill.

Promotional Materials: Professionally printed pieces explaining the benefits of quality growth, recommendations to plan for quality growth, materials to present the need to plan for infrastructure to accommodate growth, and surveys on how Washington people feel about growth are all available from the W.A.R. office for REALTORS® to use as support materials in written and personal contacts with state and local policy-makers. Further, these pieces can be used as templates for local associations to customize to more directly address local issues.

White Papers on Accommodating Growth: The law firm Perkins-Coie LLP is reviewing the legality of state and national laws affecting growth, land use and environmental regulations, and is preparing white papers to assist communities in understanding their legal responsibility to address environmental measures while accommodating growth. The completed papers will address community duty to accommodate growth; the conflict in shoreline and growth management rules; and an updated report on local jurisdictions' responsibility for the implementation of the 4(d) rules on salmon.

Shorelines Recommendations for REALTORS®: Also prepared by Perkins-Coie LLP, this briefing provides guidance for REALTORS® regarding the new Washington Shoreline Master Program: what REALTORS® need to know about the guidelines and how they will be affected by them, based on the assumptions that the new rules will be more restrictive and will be found lawful on appeal. The briefing paper on the shoreline rules highlights the major impacts of the new shoreline rules and how it affects property owners, sellers, and buyers—including what's allowed under the new rules, what REALTORS® should tell buyers and sellers about the new rules, and what disclosures should be made to buyers and sellers regarding limitations the rules place on the use or development of property located within the shoreline jurisdiction.

Research Policy Highlights: The Washington Research Council is reporting on the effects of the Growth Management Act, ten years after its adoption by the Washington legislature. Noting that Washingtonians continue to grapple with the effects of growth and economic development, the Seattle-based research organization is producing a series of reports, called "Growth in Perspective." Each report examines an issue related to economic and population growth.

Additional Surveys: Elway Polling of Seattle is including three proprietary questions in a mid-March survey. The REALTOR®-sponsored questions on property rights, growth management-economic vitality, and the Real Estate Excise Tax will provide additional tracking information for the Quality of Life program.

A complete listing of Quality of Life outreach tools is available online at For more information, contact the W.A.R. Office of Government Affairs at (800) 562-6024 or (360) 943-3100.

Posted 3/14/01; 4/17/01. Archived 5/9/01.

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