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REALTORSŪ are highly motivated and charismatic business people, able to understand and bridge the needs of clients on both sides of a property transaction. We often also are solo practitioners, or interact only with those professionals in our brokerage or immediate locale. In this recurring feature, the Online Washington REALTORŪ will introduce Association members from across the state.

Teresa Reynolds was among those nominated for the W.A.R. 2000 REALTORŪ of
the Year Award.She was noted for starting the Volunteer REALTORŪ Booth (one of three in the world) at the Naval Housing Center to assist military families relocating to Whidbey Island, and for her service to the Whidbey Island North Association as treasurer, president-elect and chair, and member of numerous committees.

Terry ReynoldsName: Teresa "Terry" Reynolds

Position and Location: Sales Associate, Windermere, Oak Harbor


A REALTORŪ Since: 1993


Designations Earned: GRI, ABR


How I Chose this Career: I chose to be a REALTORŪ because I like people and I like houses; this gives me a chance to work with both.

Why I Stay with It:
Because it's very satisfying to me when I put people into a house that they really love.

I Participate in the State Association to: Keep up with the changing times
and with the changing market and technicalities of the business.


Most Unusual REALTORŪ Memory: There are so many: having someone come out of the shower while showing the house; walking into a home that supposed
to be vacant and finding someone living there unbeknownst to the owner; getting someone out of bed when the house is on tour and they forgot about it, and so on.

Most Challenging Part of the Job: This would be fitting people with the
house that is best for them without them knowing what you are doing, making it seem like it was their decision all along.

I Get Up Early/Stay Late to: I come to work early in the morning when it's quiet in the office to get my paperwork done. I'm a bit of a stickler about leaving my desk clean at the end of the day, so I sometimes have to stay late to accomplish this; in between I show homes, deal with sellers, and keep the various projects I have going still going.

Outside Interests:
I have a husband, three children and six grandchildren. All but one of the granchildren live in this area, and we like to spend time with them. I also enjoy reading and sewing, and work with the 4-H at the Island County Fair. I am a member of the Kiwanis and work with a local trade fair each year.

What I did on my Last Vacation: I took the train across the United States to
the East Coast to visit my son and his wife; it was a beautiful trip and extremely relaxing.

Why I'm Looking Forward to this Year: Mostly because our boards have merged (North Whidbey and Skagit). It was a lot of work, but has been to the benefit
of both organizations.Now that that has been accomplished, I can concentrate on my other projects and on my business.


My Hot Tip for Colleagues: Remember that this is a job, but it should also
be a fun job; that will keep you going when things are not going smoothly. And remember that people are funny, and you can always find some fun aspect
of the transaction if you only look for it!

Posted 7/12/01. Archived 7/26/01.

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