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Hire Monica "Walk the Talk" Walk to fulfill your written communication needs

I write nonfiction: news, stories from life, communication to colleagues and clients.
Actually, I LISTEN and then I write. Clarity and detail are important to me.

  • Editors: I'll internalize your assignment and return on deadline with researched, accurate and engaging articles.
  • Sources: I'll listen to your story, clarify questions and quote you carefully.
  • Business clients: I'll learn your industry, assess your communication needs and help you meet them, internally and externally.

With nearly twenty years of writing experience, I've covered a wide range of projects in a variety of media. Fourteen years as an award-winning writer in and for higher education exposed me to an unusual breadth and depth of subjects, while also providing me with insight on--and expertise in--the education field.

My services include:

  • Content: Magazine, newspaper, website news, features and sidebars; story generation.
  • Projects: News releases, annual reports, donor communications, letters, brochures, newsletters, magazines, websites, employee/client communications.
  • Editorial: Proofreading, content editing; designer-printer liaison.

. . . provided with timeliness, detail, accuracy and professionalism.

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Hourly and project billing available: I understand budgets.